.:: SINGLECOIL Guitars ::. was established in 2007 as a department of the SINGLECOIL company, founded in 2005. Starting with the focus on building our own line of electric guitars it soon developed into an additional branch doing repairs, modifications, paint jobs and the like. All available synergies are used in a very productive way and today we can offer a full service regarding guitar work with all departments working hand in hand. From the first rough draft to the finished custom guitar all steps are pooled in one shop so we can offer team-built and master-built instruments, according to your wishes. Because all production steps are done in-house, there are no additional waiting times, delays, shipping charges or any other twaddle common for companies having their external service providers for certain production steps. Our guitars are flawless, from open up the trunk with a saw to polishing the completed instrument and putting it in its case so it is ready to ship.

We are using a mixture of traditional luthier tools along with state of the art high-tech equipment like digital scopes, endoscopes with video recording, reflected-light microscope for delicate work and many more. You are hearty invited to visit our shop to get an idea of our working philosophy along with a good cup of coffee, spending some time in our permanent guitar exhibition.

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