After many years of repairing and modding electric guitars we realized that most people are asking for the same things they would like to have on their guitars and exactly this was the reason to start with our own line of guitars, based on common customer wishes. Basically our models are customized versions of the two most popular guitars of the Fender company with their basic designs rooting back to the 40´s and 50´s of the last century.

All of our models have some standard features that we think are essential, making the guitars outstanding and something special:

“Green Guitar” Concept: There are concepts for “Green Environment”, “Green Power”, “Green IT” and heaven alone knows for what else – so why not thinking about a concept for “Green Guitar” ? We did and ended up with this:

Woods: just like anyone else in the business we love to work with exotic woods and a lot of them like rosewood, ebony and mahogany are classic woods for guitars. But we also love our local woods and experimented a lot until we found a combination that works out great regarding tone, optical appearance and environment-friendliness. So we can proudly say that we only use local woods for the complete guitar, mostly ash and alder for the bodies, maple for the neck and custom stained plum and oak for the fretboard.

Finish: as a standard option our guitars are sporting an opaque color that is applied by using a hot, water-based dye from Italy out of all natural ingredients that the violin makers in Italy use as well. It enhances the beauty of the wood´s grain and is completely odorless. To seal the wood, we use a special water-based clear-coat that smells like absolutely nothing and is hard like glass – you could even drink this one without any harm. As a standard option we apply this lacquer in satin finish but it´s also possible to use high-gloss. The clearcoat is applied ultrathin and directly on the wood: looks, sounds and feels marvellous. It´s also possible to give this finish an aged look. It´s absolutely neutral towards other materials so you don´t have to take care about finish damages after using guitar-stands or wall-hangers covered with foam-rubber like on guitars with a nitro finish.

Contoured Body: for all bodies we use a highly contoured shape for maximum comfort when playing standing up or sitting down.

Three-Dimensional Headstock Design: we exclusively use our own copyright protected three-dimensional headstock design for a special look.

Color Matching Headstock: our headstocks are always dyed in the same color as the body, additionally enhanced by the application of a Swarovski rhinestone in the matching color of the pickguard.

Compromiseless Tone: besides a distinctive look tone is what it´s all about, so we only use selected woods, hardware and electronics.

Woods: all of our local woods are dried under controlled and monitored conditions and we only buy woods from company we know for a long time, ensuring we only get the best lumber available, suitable to build high-quality instruments.

Hardware: we use only selected high-quality hardware for our guitars that can be custom aged to your specs on demand. Only the best is good enough, no cheap and wimpy far-east junk from eBay – some of the hardware we use is custom made for us, because we couldn´t accept the overall quality and performance of the parts that were readily available.

Electronics: besides custom made pickups we only use selected and matched mil.grade electronics to squeeze out the last possible drop of tone. We care for every odd details and subjects like wiring, wires, tone caps etc. are taken care of carefully. We can also offer all kinds of fancy wirings, from passive to active and beyond.

Custom Option Ready: we can apply all kinds of custom shop options to our guitars, for further details please have a look at the “Custom Orders” section in the head-menu.

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