In our permanent exhibition you can see a lot of historical guitars from the Markneukirchen area, known as “Musicon Valley” – THE worldwide hotspot when it comes to guitar building. The focus is on instruments from the former MUSIMA company, but we also have a lot of historical guitars from Markneukirchen with the oldest one from 1871. You can see classical as well as steelstring guitars, electric guitars (known as “Stromgitarren” in the former GDR), Archtops and some odd-ball instruments like a lapsteel and a guitar banjo. Along with the instruments you can see countless artefacts from the guitar building past like original dies, strings, unfinished bodies and necks, original pics, hardware parts, prototypes and many more.

All of the instruments are fully restored, perfectly set up and playable – no museum-restorations ! So besides watching the instruments, you are hearty invited to play them as well so you can get a good impression of these guitars and their quality. And of course you can see what is possible to do with a professional restoration, all of the instruments were restored in-house and we can do the same to your historical instruments too.

Our exhibition is expanded permanently so a regular visit is always worth the time. If you want to spend some time in our exhibition, please contact us to schedule your visit.

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