In our custom shop department we can offer all kinds of custom builds and of course any possible option regarding shape, material, design, finishing job etc. We have access to virtually any wood of your choice, we can also offer legal CITES restricted wood options like brazilian rosewood with an official certification so you can make your dreams come true … at least as long supply lasts. We can do custom paint and aging jobs for you, building a faithful replica of any guitar etc. You will be part of the custom build and we will plan every step together with you, down to the oddest piece of hardware.

Regarding our own models here are some typical custom shop options that are frequently requested by customers:

  • different paint job like a solid color instead of our standard opaque dying finish
  • different woods for neck and body
  • custom neck profile and shape
  • custom body shaping
  • different hardware like bridges, tremolos, tuners etc.
  • special pickup combination
  • custom wiring
  • individual or no logo on the headstock
  • stainless steel frets
  • custom aging job for the guitar and the hardware

Feel free to discuss your ideas with us, we are looking forward to hear from you !


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